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Trip Introduction

One of the indigenous and culturally rich tribes in the Terai region of Nepal, but equally a very shy tribe, ‘Tharu’ is one of the successful preservers of their centuries-old tradition and culture in the modern days of Nepal. Widely accepted as ‘Children of Nature’, Tharus – from their early existence have connected themselves with the protection of forest, nature, and have been following ‘agriculture’ as their major occupation. Be it their traditional homes, cuisine, lifestyle, or their cultural dance; every aspect of Tharu community is unique and beautiful.

Traditionally built huts in the Tharu Community Homestay offer an accommodation service in the local settlement, close to the local families, for the authentic local experience. It is also an opportunity to blend yourself with the typical lifestyle of a local Nepali family. The evergreen, beautiful, cherishing smiles of the local settlers are a humble invitation for the rest of the world to explore their elegant lifestyles, traditional values, and culture.


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