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Privacy statement

Travel House Nepal respects your privacy and protecting your personal information is very important to us. we collect your personal information only to the extent necessary to deliver the services, products, or information to you, or an agent or other traveler booking on your behalf. We ensure you that we do not rent or sell any of the details that you provide to us. We do our best to safeguard the privacy and securities of the information you supply to us.

We do not collect your personal information – such as your name, address, phone number or E-mail address unless you provide it to us. This means you can use your browser to browse www.travelhousenepal.com to view our site anonymously without telling us who you are or revealing any personally identifiable information about yourself.

We hope the following statement will help you understand how We collect, use and safeguard the personal information you provide to us on our Web site Inquiry Form or by E-mail.

What is Personal Information and when would it be required?


Travel House Nepal collects personal Information from customer as where necessary and applicable. Personal Information such as full name, age, home address, phone number, e-mail address, passport, travel medical information, insurance details, nationality, residency, nutrition preferences, trip evaluations, travel & accommodation preferences, comments you provide us, trip destination information, credit card and/or other payment information, etc. The collection of these information is done to allow us to offer or provide services our customer as requested by them.

Travel Agents/Agencies:

Travel House Nepal collects personal information from agents and agencies such as name, employee authority, employer information, business name, business address, business registration detail as where necessary and applicable to allow agents to book Travel House Nepal’ trips, and to be properly credited for such booking, as necessary and as agreement/MOU between the agent and Travel House Nepal.

If you are an agent signed up for a FAM or regular trip with Travel House Nepal, we may collect the personal information noted above for Traveler, as well as Travel Agents information.

Where detail information is not required:

The collection of certain details of your personal information might not be required to deliver some requested service or products, for example, you may sign up for our newsletters, marketing updates, some quick inquiries about our product and services with only your name and e-mail address.

How is personal information used?

Travel House Nepal may use personal information provided by you for the following reasons:

  • To provide services and/or product you have requested.
  • To provide information about those products or services.
  • To register you to receive newsletters, answer your request for further information about our trips
  • To make a booking or booking(s).
  • To provide you with information about the Company and/or our services, and to receive and implement feedback on those services.
  • Furthermore, the personal information also allows us to understand your needs as a customer and determine eligibility for our products and services.
  • To ensure the safety and security of our traveler/passengers and products.
  • To carry out internal accounting and administration of our business.

Travel House Nepal may also use your personal information to book/purchase products and services for you or on your behalf from the third parties like our venders, or other service providers or merchants for whom we act as agent from time to time. Please be informed that the permission you provide to the collection and use of your personal information to us, also applies equally to the parties whose products and services we sell or book on your behalf. For example: If you purchase an air ticket from us, we will have to provide your personal information to airline to enable your flight to be booked.

What happens when you do not to provide us required information?

  • We may not be able to deliver the services you have requested or you may not be able to be in the trip which you wanted to or purchase our products or subscribe to our newsletter.
  • You may not be entitled to a refund of a paid deposit later on failing to provide necessary Personal Information to us, which we or our vendors require to deliver the service for which the deposit was paid. For Instance, Purchasing a flight ticket requires passport information.

Personal information is not collected unless provided to us. This means you can visit and browse our website, call our sales office without having to provide any personal information.

How do we collect this information and obtain your consent?

We collect information from customers during the booking process or during the inquiry process where required, via our website booking form or e-mail inquiries, or if you decide to log into our web portal as an agent or user.

 Privacy Policy Amendments


We, Travel House Nepal may revise or amend this policy from time to time when it seems to be necessary. The changes may also apply to your personal information collected under a previous version of this Policy too.

Travel House Nepal reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason. The amended version of this policy will be updated on our website.

Complaints, Questions and Concerns:

Please write to us at trips@travelhousenepal.com