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Shree Gha

August 19, 2018,  0 comments

Shree Gha

‘Shree Gha’ is a very beautiful little Square in the middle of busy market place nearby Thamel. It is like a hidden treasure that one can easily overlook as no one can expect this tranquil place to be found right next to busy street lined up with shops, stalls and busy traffic sub road. That is my friend – A Mystical Kathmandu!

The Square is about 70m x 4. The main attractions to the eye are The Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Buddhist Monastery / Temple and the Khatesimbu Stupa. Amidst these are numerous Statues, a School and a few hundred Pigeons! The Temple is really decorative and full of color. You can walk around the stupa turning prayer wheels- Symbolizing ‘OM MANE PADME HUM’, light a candle for someone but best of all is the tranquility. There is no charge to enter this little square but there’s an opportunity to donate on will.

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